Refugees and Migrants from Venezuela Response Plan 2021

Faced with the largest population outflow in Latin America’s recent history, 159 organizations across 17 countries have been working together to establish a comprehensive, coordinated and needs-based Response Plan to respond to the most urgent needs of re

“Despite several complexities posed by the uncertainty and deepening of the humanitarian crisis, thanks to the sustained engagement and work of all partners, the RMRP 2021 provides a clear articulation of how to complement host government’s efforts.”

Eduardo Stein, UNHCR and IOM Joint Special Representative for Refugees and Migrants from Venezuela

The exodus of Venezuelans is the largest in the recent history of Latin America and the Caribbean. As of November 2020, more than 5.4 million refugees and migrants from Venezuela are outside their country of origin, with 4.6 million in the region alone. 

In this context, the Refugee and Migrant Response Plan 2021 is the result of field-driven planning, bringing together 159 appealing organizations in 17 countries, in consultation with host governments, civil society and faith-based organizations, local communities, donors, as well as the refugees and migrants themselves, with the common objective of addressing the overarching humanitarian, protection and socioeconomic integration needs of refugees and migrants from Venezuela.

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